It started with a list on a scrap of paper.....

A tired new Mum with a passion for interiors sat surrounded by plastic baby products that were functional but oh so lacking in style.

A tired new Mum searched high and low for products that were fun for her baby, kinder to the planet AND would complement the contemporary home she had so lovingly designed.

A tired new Mum could not find the products she so desperately wanted, and so, whilst feeding her new baby, on a scrap of paper she set about writing a list of all the things that she could only dare to dream existed.

And in that moment Little Hoppa was born.

The list is still something we come back to each and every day, it's got a little longer now too ;-)  

Chapter one of the Little Hoppa story saw us launching our first children's product, the planet-friendly Wooden Baby Bouncer and achieved the unthinkable, by winning a Red Dot best-of-the-best award. This recognises the Little Hoppa system, as world class, ground-breaking design. 

Sofie braved the harsh lights of the BBC's Dragons' Den where she succesfully pitched and won investment from Touker Suleyman. Together with Touker's successful teething business - Matchstick Monkey - the Little Hoppa journey took a massive step forward.

We've just recently launched in the prestigious London department store - Harrods! So be sure to keep an eye out for us as we continue to grow our community of design conscious parents.

The next chapter….? Well we are still writing it and we cannot wait to share the adventure with you!

Sofie successfully pitching on the BBC's Dragons' Den!

Designed for Happiness - Our philosophy

Here at Little Hoppa we have a common purpose: to design a happier life.

That is the start point for all that we do, be it a new product, an interior design project, or a piece of content to share with our followers. We ask ourselves these simple questions: 

Does it make life easier or give us the gift of time? Is it's beauty a thing to behold? Does it offer us pleasure or enjoyment? Will it still be used, relevant and loved in several years’ time? Does it contribute to a kinder, better future for our planet and children? Will it make us smile?

And just like the perfect meal, the balance of these ingredients is tricky to get just right, but when we do, oh WOW, that's when the magic of happy design fills our homes with sunshine and joy.