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Little Hoppa ® 2-in-1 (1st Gen)
J Cross
The perfect gift!

Our little man is 4 months old, and absolutely LOVES his bouncer!

Little Hoppa

Very happy with our purchase - love that it is a sustainable purchase

Play Mat
John-paul Biddiscombe
Play mat

Perfect 👌

Little Hoppa ® 3-in-1
John-paul Biddiscombe
Little hopper +bundle

Well happy with the product and really good quality.

And baby loves it so it's a win win

Excellent First Impression

Our baby loves being in her bouncer and is intrigued by the toys! It would just be great if some new ones could be bought to change the learning experience in the future. Impressed with the quality, packaging and delivery.

Little Hoppa ® 2-in-1 (1st Gen)
love it so far

We bought the Little Hoppa for our little one for Christmas - he will be 6 months in Jan and already loves the feeling of “standing. Although he is not 100% on board with the Hoppa just yet, we love the look of it and feel like it will be great for his development. Also love the fact that it will grow with him and turn into and activity table when he is a bit older.

Hardly a 3 in 1

The gym is pretty much redundant without the playmat etc so why not just include it?!
I can’t really understand why you would include parts for some stages and not others and still call it a 3 in 1. Regardless of whether it’s mentioned in the fine print - it’s just simply annoying!
Otherwise a stylish well made piece of equipment.

Hi Bill,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review!

We are sorry that are messaging may have been unclear and hope you and your little one are enjoying having Little Hoppa in your home. We do offer a bundle option with all accessories included and following your feedback will look into making this more visible to our customers.

Warm regards,
Little Hoppa Customer Service

Play Mat
Lynda Thike
Amazing quality and complements my 3-in-1 beautifully! 😍

Purchased this as a bundle with a 3-in-1 and hanging toys and my little one absolutely loves using the play gym! The full set up of the gym looks stunning in my house and have a few friends already order after seeing it!

Little Hoppa ® Wooden Baby Bouncer SAMPLE SALE
Rebecca A.
Extremely Well Made

Beautiful bouncer and really well made. I really hate the idea of the bright coloured plastic ones in our home and wanted something that fit in with our decor but also our baby will love and came across this when searching. It doesn’t look out of place in the room and our little one seams to love it!

Amazing quality and easy to install

Really easy to put together and my little boy who’s 4 months is already enjoying small amounts of time in this over the week. I love that we can keep using it as the activity table in the future.


Baby not here yet, but really pleased with how the system looks in our home!

Used everyday!

My baby is absolutely obsessed with his bouncer! I spent so much time thinking about purchasing this bouncer due to the price but I am so glad I did! The quality is amazing and supports his body so well when he is in it. I love how it grows with your baby and has so many different height options. I would 100% recommend! Also love that it is aesthetically pleasing in our home.

Little Hoppa ® 3-in-1
Noliano Bilbili
The Best

I bought the 3 in 1 Little Hoppa. I am currently using the bounder which the baby really like. I recommend it as it is a good investment for your baby’s ability to develop in a healthy and proper way.

Hanging toys aren’t low enough

Beautiful play gym for baby and I love the sustainable materials, however the hanging toys don’t hang low enough for baby to try and grab and reach if baby is lying down. All of the photos used in advertisement are of a baby that crawls or sits in a chair.

Hi San, thanks for taking the time to leave a review! :) Glad we were able to resolve your concerns over email - and you are now able to use the hanging toys as pictured!

I’ve purchased 2 now! It’s great quality and well built

Amazing Product & Great Customer Service

Thank you for creating such a genius creation for babies! I was determined not to have any plastic in our house and this wonderful invention meant that it could be possible! It took me months to decide as originally it had a whopping price tag of £499! Thankfully I waited for the price to drop so it became more affordable at £299 which I feel still reflects the quality of this product. I love that my child will get years of fun out of this. He absolutely loves being upright and the bouncer gives me a moment to get things done around the house whilst he is still entertained without shoving him in front of a screen! I did have a slight issue with my first order but Ollie in CS responded immediately with a resolution making the process simple and easy! Thank you thank you thank you!

Little Hoppa ® 3-in-1
Debbie Curtis
Little Hoppa 3 in 1

This is the 2nd Little Hoppa 3 in 1 that I have ordered in the last 9 months. First for one daughter, delivered straight to her door. Now, for my other daughter. These are great quality and so valued for both of them in particular because of limited storage space. 3 in 1 means that they have 3 pieces of equipment in 1 equalling less need for storage space. These all follow on as baby grows - floor mat & gym first, now using the bouncer, then we will move on to the activity table.

Came to amend my previous review but it appears it was deleted

I previously left a lower than 5 star review as I was sold the 2-1 kit but promised the opportunity to buy the upgrade, however, the company stopped selling the upgrade kit when it was time to purchase and when I reached out via email and questions from their social media they said they no longer offered the kits as standalone purchase. This was disappointing for me as we were stuck with a bouncer and a toddler that no longer could play with this VERY expensive toy. After seeing my review, someone from their customer service team reached out and asked if I would take down my review if they would send me the upgrade kit, I agreed. I'm here to amend my review but see that it has been taken down for me (which is in poor taste) because my experience purchasing, chasing down customer service with no response or horrible response, ONLY for them to reach out to me and beg to rectify the situation is absolutely relevant for any customer. I also bought this during the height of pandemic when they were only shipping from the UK and the duties, taxes, and shipping fees were through the rough - it's a well made toy BUT the company could use a course in basic customer service and transparency. 5/5 stars for design and quality 3/5 stars for poor response time, ignoring IG questions on their social media, refusing to be solution driven unless called out in online reviews, asking the reviewer to verify if they're real AND once confirming taking their post/review down to keep the shining 5/5 stars.

Good evening Chris,

We do apologise for your experience with ordering the 2-in-1 and the frustration and confusion surrounding the upgrade kits earlier in the year. This was our second production run of the Little Hoppa products and we underestimated the quantity to support the needs of our customers like you. We have learnt some hard lessons and are making sure this doesn’t happen again. You are right, our customer service was not at the right level that our community deserves and we have taken steps to improve this and strive to better this every day.

We really do value your feedback and appreciate the (undeserved) patience you had with us while we worked to find a solution to our upgrade kit shortfall. While a frustrating start to your experience with us as a business, we do hope you and and your little one have enjoyed using your Little Hoppa at home.

Warmest regards,
The Little Hoppa Family

Great product!

We recently purchased this, and our 6 month old loves it! just a shame they don't make them in adult sizes! Have already had our neighbours buy one as soon as they saw it in action! This product needs no recommendation, it speaks for itself in design, looks and ethics (no bloody plastic!!). Easiest 5 stars I've ever given.

Very good item but expensive

Very good product but I found buying all the seperate items very expensive.

Lovely Teethers

Lovely teethers. My baby loves them!!!

Absolutely love this product - little one loves it and fits my home perfectly.

Purchased the 3-in-1 bouncer and been so happy with it. Really didn't want the garish, plastic products on the market - so when I saw this I was convinced straight away! :) A little pricey, but great value when factor in that it is a play gym, bouncer and play table all in one and it looks great!

Great additional to our 3-in-1 play gym!

Our little one absolutely loves his hanging toys which have kept him entertained for hours! Beautifully complement the Little Hoppa play gym and play mat as well. :)

Hanging Toys

Thank you so much for shipping to Australia. highly recommend that you went above and beyond to ensure we received our items

Perfect. Beautifully made and not a bit of plastic. Our daughter loves it